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Controlling reverberation: Dry-lining solutions for improved acoustic environments

20 Apr 2024
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Controlling reverberation: Dry-lining solutions for improved acoustic environments

Regulations, requirements and best practice in sound-absorbent acoustic linings  

In many instances when we think about controlling sound in buildings, we are looking to restrict the passage of sound from one area to another. However, for comfort and the effective use of a building sound may also need to be controlled within an environment. Across education, office and residential environments, sound reverberation needs to be controlled to ensure speech clarity and reduce the effects of unwanted noise within a room. For many teaching environments and shared access areas in residential buildings, there are limiting standards set out within sector or overarching Building Regulations. For other environments it is simply best practice.      

This short webinar presentation addresses the basic building science of sound reverberation and sound absorption. It will outline how appropriate materials and systems are classified for such characteristics and with the inclusion of an overview of the relevant sector guidance and regulations, with a focus on dry-lining solutions, look at how such products can be used effectively in a design context for ceilings or as part of the wall linings to enhance the comfort, concentration and wellbeing of building occupants and comply with the respective requirements.     

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