Fire Safety & Compliance (Limerick)

Fire Safety & Compliance (Limerick)

31 May 2020
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The Build Better trade event will be a one-stop-shop for architects, engineers, designers and contractors, for a wide range of building fabric solutions.

The event is offering a series of industry-specific seminars throughout the day that will focus on the topics of Fire Safety, and Energy Efficiency in respect to achieving compliance and meeting the demands of current construction standards and expectations across both residential and non-residential projects.

It will also provide attendees with an opportunity to see and understand new and existing products that help their clients to Build Better.

The seminar sessions are being divided into separate morning and afternoon events. Attendees are welcome to participate in both seminars if they wish. However, places are limited for each seminar and registrations are therefore required to each session separately.

Fire Safety and BCAR Compliance

Our morning seminars will focus on Building Better in the non-domestic construction sector with speakers addressing fire safety fit-out and compliance, and overall compliance with the BCAR system. Speakers to follow...


To Follow...


9:00 - 12:00

Course Hours

3 Hours