Gyproc partition performances – Overcoming the selection dilemma | Saint Gobain

Gyproc partition performances – Overcoming the selection dilemma

23 Jul 2024
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Key topics:

  • The range and types of Gyproc metal stud partitions and their core components
  • Scope of associated Gyproc metal stud partition system performances
  • Implications of project requirements in defining performance specifications for....
    • Maximum recommended Heights
    • Robustness of systems
    • Airborne Sound Insulation
    • Fire performances and their relevant testing standards
  • Impact of using EN fire substantiation vs BS fire substantiation on partitions
  • Sustainability benefits of choosing GypWall systems


Content description:

This presentation has been specifically created to assist those within project design and installation teams who are responsible for identifying and selecting the appropriate partition systems for any given construction project.

The selection of partitions can often be a daunting task with multiple performance requirements to consider and so many GypWall metal stud partition specifications available to choose from. In this webinar we take a step back from our usual very system specific detailing courses and provide an overarching look at the full range of system performances achievable across all the various Gyproc partition systems.

We will cover the full range of Gyproc metal stud partition systems, identifying the key differences between them and which Gyproc plasterboards and/or Gypframe components are unique to each. In providing an understanding of each system's characteristics you will be able to appreciate further their overall footprints, system weights and scope of maximum heights.

As we delve into a discussion on system performances, we will not only cover the spectrum and specifications for the more commonly defining criteria such as fire resistances and sound insulation,  examining the implications of EN vs BS fire substantiation and laboratory vs site sound insulation, but we will also explain what a robustness rating is and the variables that can be factored into defining maximum partition heights. Looking at how project specific requirements such as elevated wind loading or crowd pressures can potentially be accommodated accordingly.

Finally, recognising the increasingly important need to provide for sustainable solutions in construction and the demand to demonstrate the associated credentials of the materials used in such systems, we will highlight how this can be undertaken with respect to Gyproc partition systems and where to find the related evidence.



90 Minutes

Course Hours

10:00 - 11:30