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Installing compliant fire-resistant Gyproc partitions

23 Jul 2024
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Installing compliant fire-resistant Gyproc partitions

Gyproc plasterboard partition systems can offer a wide range of performance characteristics. One of these requirements is often for the systems to provide a level of fire resistance in accordance with the building design requirements. But what makes these systems compliant? How can you be confident that you are specifying or installing these systems in manner that can be signed off and approved? As part of the Technical Academy’s new series of online training, this 90-minute presentation titled 'Installing compliant fire-resistant Gyproc partitions' will cover the key fundamentals of this process.  

The webinar presentation will provide an explanation as to why it is so important to think systems not components. In this context it will review the different types of Gyproc partition systems and how their specifications can be changed to offer different levels of fire resistance. Most importantly, the presentation will provide the attendee with an understanding as to why the detailing of these installations is so important in respect to being compliant. We will cover from the first fixing, installation of the stud framing and fixing of the plasterboards to the creation of openings, provision of deflection heads and finishing of joints. So, whether you design, install or inspect you should gain more confidence in your sign-off role.

All our Technical Academy Online courses are being run through MS Teams and require registration which can be undertaken in a few easy steps by clicking the link below/above. Participants do not need to have MS Teams installed on their devices to attend the webinar. 

Each webinar will include the described presentation with sufficient time also allowed to ask the presenter questions. Questions will be directed to the presenter through the systems chat facility and will be anonymised when responded to.  

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90 minutes