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Just Encase you’re not Sure. Gyproc structural steel encasement systems explained

20 Apr 2024
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Just Encase you’re not Sure - Gyproc structural steel encasement systems explained

What’s the difference between fire protection to structural steel and fire resistance compartmentation? How is it that we can suitably fire protect structural steel with layers of plasterboard for a period of time, but not necessarily achieve the same level of compartmentation in a building with the same specification of product? Why can’t the same specification of plasterboard offer the same level of fire protection to all elements of steel? When is it perhaps more appropriate to use a frameless encasement system instead of a framed solution?  If these are all questions to which you would like further clarity, join us for the latest of our NEW webinar titles.   

Our new webinar ‘Just Encase you’re not Sure’ will help you further understand yet another aspect of fire safety in buildings and what may be required to comply with the relevant standards and regulations. Whether as columns, beams or supporting elements to other systems, whether exposed or concealed within partitions or floors, the need to maintain the load-bearing capacity of these structural steel elements is imperative to ensuring the fire safety requirements of a building. During this new webinar we will look at the mode of failure of structural steel and subsequently explain the key standards and criteria by which structural steel fire protection encasement systems need to perform. Section factors, the common unit of measurement for assessing steel and the requirements of materials used to offer fire protection will be explained along with an overview of Gyproc Encasement systems, their performance specifications and areas of appropriate application. The webinar will also address areas of key detailing when both fire protection of structural steel and fire resistance through an element is required at the same time.  

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10:00 - 11:30