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Not just skimming over the surface

18 Jun 2024
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Not just skimming over the surface

When a wall or a ceiling is specified to be finished with a skim of Gyproc plaster do we really understand why we have specified such a finish, how it is correctly applied for sign off and the wide-ranging benefits it can offer? Skim finishing such surfaces offers more than simple decoration. This webinar covers not just the what and the where, but also the why and the how.  

This webinar addresses the range of Gyproc finishing plasters, establishing which products can be used with which substrates and the appropriate preparation required in each case. An overview will be provided regarding the recommended processes, tools and techniques the plasterer needs to adopt with the various combinations of materials to achieve the required levels of finish. Along with identifying some of the key aspects of the relevant Codes of Practice associated with the specification and application of internal gypsum plasters, we’ll highlight how the use of a plaster skim finish can, not only positively affect the quality and aesthetics of a building, but how it can also contribute to compliance with Building Regulations and enhance other specific performance characteristics.   

 This short webinar is not here to teach you how to skim, but will hopefully give you a broader appreciation for choosing a Gyproc plaster finish. 

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60 Minutes