A Practical Approach to Airtightness | Saint Gobain

A Practical Approach to Airtightness

24 May 2024
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  • Fundamental principles of Airtightness in buildings 

  • Complimentary airtightness and moisture control as one  

  • A pathway to nZEB regulations compliance 

  • Practical demonstrations of critical site detailing issues 

  • Pressurised airtightness rig demonstration 

  • Identifying the common weak points in building envelopes 

  • Simple and effective solutions using membranes, tapes, and sealants 

  • Detailing windows, pipes, cables, and key penetrations 

  • Communication of site responsibilities 


Blending our previous basic theory and advanced detailing airtightness courses together as one, this relaunched face-to-face airtightness training day provides attendees with an informative and very practical overview to attaining airtightness and moisture management. Undertaken in a workshop environment, while conveying the importance to regulation compliance and the provision of high comfort, energy-efficient buildings, we explore the nature of Saint-Gobain's specialist products used to attain these standards. 

Along with common sense discussions around good site practices and the effective communication of responsibilities, practical participation is a key element of the days training. Taking a skills-based approach to product application with visual displays and demonstrations, attendees will be given the opportunity to see, learn, and replicate the fundamental core skills and common detailing methods adopted when applying specialist airtightness membranes, tapes, and sealants to a building's internal envelope.  


Kingscourt Academy – Attendees should wear suitable clothing for participating in a hands-on practical workshop environment. Safety shoes not essential, but appropriate footwear recommended.  


Due to the practical nature of this course, to enable all attendees to undertake the practical content, capacity is currently a maximum of 8 attendees per course. 


6 Hours

Course Hours

10:00 - 16:00