A Practical Dry-Lining Guide to Part B's Supplementary Guidance | Saint Gobain

A Practical Dry-Lining Guide to Part B's Supplementary Guidance

23 Jul 2024
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Key topics: 

  • Understand the scope of the Supplementary Guidance document 

  • Guide to the applicable testing requirements and levels of performance 

  • Permissible dry lining solutions for loadbearing timber elements (Wall, Floors and Roofs)  

  • Qualification of appropriate Gyproc plasterboard specifications 

  • Key installation requirements to ensure compliance 

Join us back in person at our Dublin Academy for a practical look at how prima facie compliance may be achieved in accordance with the Supplementary Guidance to TGD B, Volume 2 when specifying and installing Gyproc plasterboard dry lining solutions in new build dwellings.  

To accompany a short classroom-based presentation on the EN testing standards to which timber-framed elements and their plasterboard lining solutions now need to comply, most of this course will be undertaken in our dedicated product display area.  

In our display area we will visually highlight the range of plasterboards which can be deemed to satisfy as Type A and Type F, outlining what documentation can be used to underpin the nature of such qualifications. With respect to external walls, internal walls, floors and trussed rafter elements; using a series of purpose-built visual displays, the minimum required construction build-ups for each element will be detailed and demonstrated along with the respective key requirements regarding the dry-lining installation. 


2 Hours

Course Hours

10:00 - 12:00