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What does it take to achieve peace and quiet?

03 Dec 2023
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What does it take to achieve peace and quiet?

Sound insulation in buildings often comes way down the list of design and installation priorities. In many cases it is only an afterthought once the building is occupied and operational. As one of the Technical Academy’s new series of online training titles, this 90-minute webinar titled ‘What does it take to achieve peace and quiet?’ addresses the sound insulation performance attributes of various Gyproc & ISOVER systems. Find out what they can achieve and how they can help improve the effective functioning of buildings and the comfort and well-being of the people who use them.  

The presentation will provide a short overview on the measurement of sound insulation, the differences in airborne and impact noise control and the implications of assessing laboratory vs site performance. The webinar will perhaps most importantly highlight the key ways in which appropriately designed systems can control the movement of sound in a building. Using these fundamental principles in designing for sound control, Gyproc & ISOVER products and systems will be reviewed in the levels of performance they can offer and the detailing that can affect them. 

All our Technical Academy Online courses are being run through MS Teams and require registration which can be undertaken in a few easy steps by clicking the link below/above. Participants do not need to have MS Teams installed on their devices to attend the webinar. 

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